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Devesh Tiwari is known as the founder and a writer of DT Media Pvt Ltd. Born in Ayodhya, India, Devesh Tiwari is known for his unique style and thinking. He comes from an ordinary family, his father is Mr Ved Prakash Tiwari Ji, who is a businessman by profession. After finishing school, Devesh also tried his hand in the badminton court and played at the state level. Due to some family problems, he had to quit badminton. He then started focusing on business. Talking about Devesh’s studies, he is just 12th pass, he says that “because of business, I decided to leave college. It is not necessary to have a degree in order to achieve something good in life and one day I will be I will show you as an example. “

Some precious thoughts

“A truly successful person is someone who has strong mental and worldly conditions”

“It is the stubbornness to change life and achieve our dreams that make a human being successful”

“Try to fulfill your dreams keeping humanity in mind, because there is no shortcut to success

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One of the best websites in India, you can learn about business and marketing on this website. This website is currently available only in english language, but in the coming time it will be launched in many languages.

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Only 1 percent of the people in the world are those who want to do something out of the rut created by society and family, who want to show their different form in the world, the life of such people goes on in a fierce struggle, but these people will go ahead in the world. But they also rule, if you also feel that you come in the list of such people, then congratulations to you, you keep this world as much as you can.

DT Media Pvt Ltd

DT Media Pvt Ltd. Powered by Devesh Tiwari. Is a media company based on the Internet. It is our success to touch your heart through content. The aim of the company is to keep people happy and make them familiar with everything in the world with the help of their unique and best content. This company will work in almost every field, although only a few selected topics are being covered. The company believes that the world can be changed by good content. Many high-quality and slightly different people of the world are made part of this company.

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