Have you thought about what’s the best source for building an engaging relationship with the customers? It’s nothing but the email marketing service that has been employed by several businesses.

With this marketing strategy, you can convert the readers into your customers. Choosing the best email marketing service seems to be a prominent feature in every successful business. Every email marketing services have their unique features.

Email marketing provides you the pathway to get your messages across the globe. Bloggers use it as a strategy in sending regular updates to the readers.

The marketing strategy enhances your relationships with customers. Consider a few basic things that you need to focus on while you choose the best email marketing tool.

Let’s continue to read about the best email marketing services


The ultimate aim of constant contact is to help the small businesses in navigating potential and promotional of the web.

Constant Contact provides you with more than 100 mobile optimized and modern templates that engage your customers.

Provided, you also get analytics, real-time reporting, and bonus features like polls and coupons in just 16 dollars per month.


HubSpot is a marketing software that helps you to design and send emails with ease. Being the best inbound marketing package, HubSpot provides a variety of custom futures.

You can pick the best one for you and upgrade the packages to obtain more benefits.

While you are creating an email, you need to either write it down or use the easy templates from HubSpot. Use the templates to add pretty images, catchy text, funny videos, buttons, or dividers. Subscribe HubSpot for 50 dollars per month.


You get the benefit to make unlimited contacts and 300 emails for free from Sendinblue. If you feel to maximize the list of customers, go on with the lite plan starting with 20 dollars per month. It allows you to send 40 thousand emails with no limits per day.

You get simple and clear templates. Sendinblue employs artificial intelligence and machine language to send your mails.

These send your mail at an accurate time of the day to promote engagement. Sendinblue provides an automatic workflow feature.

With the feature, you can set the automatic triggers. These triggers will perform actions like sending messages and emails. Also, it segments your contact list creating a separate list.


Getresponse is an all in one marketing tool in just 15 dollars per month. The tool offers email marketing software, webinar software, and high conversion landing pages.

The real hero is Autofunnel, it’s a tool that provides more than 30 ready-made email templates and landing pages. Not to forget, it also generates sales for you. Isn’t it amazing?

Autofunnel enables you in generating leads, registering several participants for the webinar and also it improves your product sales.

The smart automation tools are the outstanding features of getting a response. With these features, you can segment your list automatically by creating advanced conditions.

On the whole, getresponse is the best to create automated sales landing pages.


Convertkit will provide you with automated emails that increase the conversion rates by 29 dollars per month. You can access more features like attractive forms and be able to organize your subscribers.

If you’re a blogger in search of personalized text-based emails then converkit is the best for you. With advanced segmentation feature, you can personalize your email fennels.

You get the advantage of professional-looking email texts. With this, you don’t need to annoy your customer with email branding.

However, Convertkit doesn’t provide a free plan and its starting price is 29 dollars per month.


Omnisend provides you with the unifying email marketing features for sixteen dollars per month. Almost forty thousand marketers use amazing marketing software.

Also for e-commerce brands, it sends relevant messages to the visitors based on their browsing behaviours.

Every e-commerce brands can cling to omniscient service to achieve profit. With the standard plan of sixteen dollars, you will be able to send fifteen thousand emails per month.

You also get the benefits of attractive sign-up forms, SMS notification feature, email elements, and product recommendations.


You get full 360-degree view of your business with Gist. Make use of the amazing email software and live chats. GETGIST also provides advanced event tracking features to analyze visitor’s activity on your website.

Not only it stops there, Gist even provides automated customer support.

Isn’t the gist all-in-one? Not only it provides an email marketing service, but also it gives you several features that every blogger requires. You need to pay 33.99 dollars per month to utilize the GETGIST.

In conclusion, all of the above-listed email marketing services consist of the best suitable features to promote a business.

Every business uses a marketing tool to attract customers. It’s in your hand to choose the best email marketing service that best promotes your business.