Don’t you all think that the rapid mushrooming of Digital Marketing has taken the Web industry to greater heights?

Yes, it has. There was a time when people used to search for Customers. There were only two ways to enhance Marketing. First, Either you have to visit door to door to lend your service or just wait for the Customers.

The concept of Digitalisation helped both buyers and sellers to fulfil one another’s business motive. Consequently, it kept growing. let’s start to understand the Importance of Digital Marketing

Various dimensions of Digital Marketing

Dear readers, it is very necessary for you all to analyze the various dimensions of it. It is because this diverse analysis will help you all to understand its intentions behind.

Around ten years ago, when it was not that popular. The entire theory of Digital Marketing revolved around Product, Promotion, Place, and Price.

In the same way, Now it is known as Dimensional Marketing. As a result, it depends on Customer Engagement, Connectivity, Data, and Technology.

1) Customer Engagement

The concept of Digital Marketing allows you to have an adequate engagement with your customers. They keep their targeted customers on point and bring relevant changes accordingly.

2) Connectivity

The submission of feedback by Customers helps in strengthening the core relations between both parties. Thus they connect to a large number of people seeking services.

3) Data

The Collection of relevant data develops your analytical thinking. By thoroughly studying those data you can have a particular idea about its longevity.

4) Technology

Development in Technology has enabled the massive feature of Digital Marketing. Fastly growing technology has enhanced its reach to even common people living in rural areas.

Furthermore, It is evident that every methodology introduced has a few advantages and disadvantages too. In the same way, Digital Marketing also have it

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

1) Comparatively, Digital Marketing has an immense return on its investment.

2) Its biggest drawback is its complete dependency on technology.

3)In addition, we know very well about the low cost and easily measurable features of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing.

4)Most of the time, there is an issue regarding its security breach and a lot of privacy issues in Digital Marketing.

Dear readers, Despite a few loopholes in the system of Digital Marketing. It has a very bright and glittering future. Furthermore, let us talk about the future of Digital Marketing.

Future of Digital Marketing

1)The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into the Marketing Strategy. Its main job is to provide instant responses to the queries.

2)Induction of voice search features has forced tycoon companies to re strategy their Marketing plans.

3)Digital Marketing will completely overshadow traditional ways of Marketing within a decade.

4)The rapidly growing shift towards Artificial intelligence automation will bring more convincing opportunities for the Customers.

5)Digital Marketing aims to achieve the target of meeting the needs of Customers and Brands too.

6)Nowadays we trust people more than a particular brand. Hence, as a result, the automation of Influencer Marketing systems will grow by leaps and bounds.

Impact of Digital Marketing in the Economy of India.

As far as a developing nation like India is concerned, it helps in increasing the total national income.

In India, the demand for goods consistently increases as the population increases. Thus it increases the level of production and finally, it raises the income.

As a result, The demand for goods is directly proportional to the increasing population.

You must always keep one thing in mind that the perception of people matters a lot.

Put an effort to know what your Society thinks about this budding concept. Their perspective can help in the improvement of Digital Marketing.

Impact of Digital Marketing on the behavior of Consumer

You all know “How does a Consumer behave generally?” It is because of our consumer’s role in daily life. Understanding the Psychology of a Random Consumer is a  quite complex process.

For that, You need to have an understanding of the decision-making quality and purchasing patterns of consumers.

Over some time, Digital Marketing has successfully influenced Consumer behavior. Which are as follows:-

1) Enhancement in Customer Engagement.

2) AI impacts Consumer Behavior a lot.

3) The level of patience has gone down drastically.

4) The theory of Impulsive Buying Behaviour has gradually increased. As a result, It provides an opportunity for many websites and Social Media influencers to influence Consumer behaviour.


Despite having a few loopholes in the system, Digital Marketing is all set to rule the Web industry. The use of the Internet, various social media platforms, etc.

have given rise to fast brand promotion. As time passes, it is overshadowing the usage of traditional media like Radio, TV, Billboards, etc.

The core aim of Digital Marketing is to draw the attention of random customers who are new to it.

I feel that Digital Marketing will have its boom in the industry very soon as this focuses only on the growth besides customers’ well-being.