Managers and Entrepreneurs are the most important parts of any firm, what is the difference in their role, we will know in this article.

First of all, we will know who are managers and who are entrepreneurs.

Who are Managers?

The managers are the ones who are responsible for the duties of management.

A manager is someone responsible for overseeing an employee or department to ensure that employees perform their tasks according to the requirements.

Based what the dimensions of the organization, there could be a single, double, or triple management layer.

According to Peter Drucker, “managers are accountable for the application and execution of knowledge.”

In extensive companies, management is divided into three tires: Upper management, Mid-management, and lower management.

Lower management includes a manager who operates at the primary level of commerce are functions middle-level management.

Mid-management overseas lower management and generate reports for the senior leadership.

Senior upper management commonly consists of a board of directors or shareholders who own the company and make kids’ seasons that affect the company.

Any manager position of any type is more responsible than an ordinary employee and usually pays a more significant.

Managerial positions that are more advanced typically require a college degree and some expertise, even though different companies differ in structure and their requirements.

Who are Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are the ones who recognize the gap in need and capitalize on the same. 

Entrepreneurs grab such innovative ideas came up with it and pursued its success with unflagging enthusiasm.

Thus, these individuals are succeeding in their business and are true entrepreneurs in the sense. 

Therefore, entrepreneurs are self-starters and doers who are organized and created successful companies.

However, we can’t call them entrepreneurs and an opportunist as it isn’t just egocentric interests that drives him, but also he meets the demands of the population.

I hope now you have a clear year understanding of entrepreneur and manager.

Here I am presenting a chart which is based on basic comparison let’s have a look.

Basic Of ComparisonManagersEntrepreneurs
1) Primary MotivesPromotional and other Traditional corporates Rewards like offices, Staff, and power.Independence, opportunity, and money.
2) Time OrientationShort Term- meeting quotes and budgets, W/M/Q, and annual planning horizonSurvival and achieving 5-10 years growth of business
3) ActivityDelegates and supervises rather than Direct involvementDirect involvement
4) RiskCarefulModerate Risk Taker
5) StatusConcerned about status SymbolsNot Concerned about Symbols
6) Failures and MistakesTries to avoid mistakes and surprisesDeals with Failures and Mistakes
7) DecisionsUsually agrees with those in an upper management positionFollow Dreams and Decisions
8) Who ServesOthersSelf and Customers
9) Relationship with othersHierarchy as basic relationshipTransactions and deal-making as basic relationship
10) Family HistoryFamily members worked with the organization.Entrepreneurial small business, professional, or farm background.
Managers Vs Entrepreneurs