Dear readers, Initially let us consider having an overview of the concept of a Video Marketing Agency. As it might help us to know the depth of it.

Video Marketing Agencies

Video marketing agencies aim to place your marketing view via videos. Nowadays, we know very well that the reach of video is par ahead than any other sources. In addition to it supports your business needs immensely.

Here we are talking about the top 5 Video Marketing Agencies in the world, which exist in the world. Furthermore, let me take you there. They are as follows:-

  1. Sandwich
  2. No good
  3. Harmon brother
  4. Veracitycolab
  5. The Dvi Group

1) Sandwich

VideoThis video agency was founded in 2009. Besides that, it is located in Los Angeles.This agency is popular for making TV commercials and a few small video ads.

Sandwich Video Agency works under the circumference of its professionalism. As a result, it consists of 4 processes.

They are the Creative, Production, Post-production and finally its Distribution.A few major clients of Sandwich Video Agency are Etsy, Aur table, Slack, Lyft, etc.

The induction of the above-mentioned Processes helped Sandwich Video to reach another height. Consequently, It had grown very rapidly and made it into the list of top 5 Video Marketing Agencies in the world.

2) No good

This Video Marketing Agency was founded in 2017. Though this agency came a few years ago in the industry, Despite that, it is one of the top most agencies in the field of Video Marketing.

It is located in Newyork city. If we talk about the team size of No good, then I would say it consists of around 35 people in its agency. It provides services to Consumers on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Some of its major clients are Nike, Steer, Bytedance.No good agency knows very well about the working criteria of the Video Marketing Agency.

Thus it helps to enhance its functioning according to the limitations of Video Marketing.

3) Harmon Brothers

Around 8 years ago, it was founded, That was in 2013. It is currently located in Provo, Utah.Approximately 55 members work in the team of Harmon Brothers. If I talk about the Clients of Harmon Brothers, they are as follows:-Purple, Click funnels, FiberFix.

The specialty of Harmon Brothers Video Marketing Agency has accomplished the task of leading many commercially successful campaigns in the world.

In addition to that, it creates the most unique video ads for its respective clients. Raising sales is the area of the core expertise of Harmon Brothers.

In terms of views of their Client ads, they possess around a billion views together. Subsequently, this led to over $300 million in sales.

4) Veracitycolab

This Video Marketing Agency is currently located in Newport Beach in California. It was founded in the year 2008.The team size of Veracitycolab is pretty less.

Despite having fewer human resources it has successfully made into the list of Top 5 video marketing agency in the latest year. Its Clients are as follows:-Petnet, RingCentral, Eventbrite.

The actual price revolves around $20,000. Veracitycolab is known for its high-quality video production. As a result, this gives a measurable outcome too.

The area of expertise of Veracitycolab is animation, marketing, training, social, etc.This Video Marketing Agency is also known for its strong performing Videos.

However, this is the sheer result of Key audience and Key Persona. If I draw you focus towards its other areas, where Veracitycolab has also worked in. They are Business service, Consumer products, healthcare industry, etc.

5)The DVI group

This Video Marketing Agency was founded in 1999. It is currently located in Atlanta, Georgia.There are around 20 to 30 employees in the team of The DVI group.

If we look at its Clients then they are as follows:-MLB, Holiday Inn, Home Depot, Revlon, At&t, Mercedes-Benz. Consequently, its price is more than $30,000.

The area of expertise of The DVI group as a video marketing agency includes web, business, corporate, video marketing. These facts and figures show that The DVI group has a versatile area of expertise and clientele too.

Dear readers, it is pretty much necessary for all of us to know the future of Video Marketing before we practice, profess, and propagate it. You will wonder by having a glance at the below-stated statistics. They are:-

1) According to Google, Out of every hundred people around 60 of them prefer watching online videos to TV.

2)Around 60% of People don’t watch a video for more than two minutes.

3) Half of the Web users watch a video for suggestions to buy a product.

4) Most of the Executives prefer video to text.


Video Marketing Agency is growing by leaps and bounds. The induction of Content strategy in this agency has even made it much affordable to everyone.

The requirements of proper knowledge and creativity play a vital role in the creation of visual content. The main strategy of the Video Marketing agency is that they never deviate from its path.

That is they keep their attention stick to their targeted audience.