e-marketing (electronic marketing) is also known as Internet marketing, web marketing, digital marketing or online marketing.

it is a process of marketing a product or service using the Internet e-marketing. It compasses all the activities business conduct via word wide web (WWW) with the aim of attracting new businesses, retaining current developing its brand Identity.

What is E-marketing?

Electronic marketing is the combination of two words “E” and “M” and in which “E” means using the electronic media and “M” refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or sell of a product or service.

e-marketing not only includes marketing and the internet but also includes marketing then via Email and wireless media.

it uses a range of technologies to help connect businesses to their customers.

Advantage of e-marketing

There are four major advantages of marketing which your business can lead:

1. Much better return on investment than that of traditional marketing as It helped increasing sales revenue

2. E-marketing means reduced marketing campaign cost as the marketing is done through the internet.

3. Fast result of the campaign as it helps to target the right customer.

4.easy e monitoring through the babe tracking cavities help make Seema getting highly efficient using marketing viral content can be made which help to viral marketing.

5. Through electronic marketing, we can globally target our customers.

6. When we go to a customer to sell a product in the traditional way, we have to explain it a lot, and we have to follow this process again and again with every customer.

But this is not the case in electronic marketing, once you create content, you can easily provide that content to all your customers about your service or product.

7. Lower cost for distribution of information and media to a global audience.

8. 24*7 marketing.

Importance of e-marketing

Increasing Internet availability has become the most important means of information for the people, today in almost every country of the world, sitting in a corner, you can get any goods to your home.

Not only the goods but you also are not deprived of any kind of service, sitting at home.

whether it is to get information about the share market or to book the online hotel, bus, train, plane etc., all the work is possible through the internet. is.

But the thing to think is, can we order on the internet without knowing about these things? Probably not, the main job of electronic marketing is to warn you of everything.

There will be many things on the Internet that you will not even know about because you have not yet come in with its marketing strategy.

Internet marketing has become a very powerful marketing technician, almost all businesses are dependent on it nowadays.