Email marketing

Email marketing is a very profitable tactic for marketing that is more than 50 years old. Today most companies value email marketing,

Based on this, it is fair to say that even today, Email marketing has a different place in the world of marketing. According to a report in 2019, every person in our country receives 70 – 90 commercial emails daily.

Because of this, most people do not open commercial emails, and companies are not getting much profit. But if email marketing is done in the right way, then you will get its benefit.

Today I am going to share some email marketing tips. Just read each line carefully. Today you will know that –

  1. What is Email Marketing?
  2. Importance of email marketing?
  3. Way to do email marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

It is clear from the name of email marketing that “Marketing in which email is used to reach the customer is called Email Marketing.

Every person who has a smartphone definitely has an email account, so you can imagine yourself how big the email marketing Reach can be.

A Statista report states that “3.9 billion people use email all over the world.” There are a few ways to do email marketing that you can get good marketing benefits by following.”

  1. What are its (email marketing) importance? –
  2. If we talk about American, then 80% of Americans check email at least once every day, even in our country, the graph of those who check email is almost the same as America,

The email has been an easy and professional means of connecting with anyone for decades. Let us understand the importance of email marketing with the following points –

To make a potential customer your customer:

In email marketing, you create your own email list so that you get to know who are intrested in your product/service. You can easily tell them about your product/service through email.

To make one-time customer loyal customer:

When customers take your product/service once, they don’t need to take your product/service even further.

If we connect with that customer through email and give them a platform to connect with them, then hopefully, they become your loyal customer.

In Brand Awareness:

Email marketing is of great importance in informing your brand about your brand to target targeted customers. Email marketing also plays an important role in lead generation.

High ROI (High Return of Investment):

Email marketing is the best way to reach as many people as possible on a low budget. It is estimated that properly done email marketing gives 4400% returns.

This means if you put 1 rupee in email marketing with a good strategy, then you get a business of Rs 44 in its return.

How does email marketing works|email marketing strategy-

Define audience:

Email marketing is not just sending email; and it is what most people do. Will take a list of many emails from anywhere and email them. This is the wrong way. It is called spamming.

Please never make such a mistake. Spamming has a very negative effect on your marketing. Please create your own email list and send mail to them only. Now you will know step by step what the right way to do email marketing is –

Identification of your potential customer –

This is the first phase of the email marketing plan; try to identify your potential customers and make a list of them according to your product/service.

Example: Suppose your product is a protein that is beneficial in weight gain. So you should target such people – who want to increase their weight.

Similarly, on the basis of any product, you can make your email list keeping in mind the Gender, Age, Problem, Choice of the subscriber.

How to get targeted emails –

After identifying your customer well, now it is time to know their email. It is a little time taking and hard work. By the way, many agencies can give you a list of emails based on your industry.

You have to pay in exchange for emails, but this method is not completely right; it also contains much fraud. Our advice is to avoid such agencies.

We are telling you some organic ways of receiving emails, and please read them one by one.

Sign -up form on the website: These are very popular methods. First, you have to create a signup form on the website. After that, you have to offer something to the people in exchange for sign up.

Example: You can give a weight gain guide to those who show interest in weight gain product in exchange for signup, or you can also demo their product in exchange for signup.

Free ebook / webinars: You can also signup for people by giving free webinars and ebooks.

Social Media Ads: You can also access customer’s email through social media. You can give a button for signup by running interesting ads.

Create your goals: Regardless of the way of marketing, campaigns are made in every marketing. Every campaign has a definite goal. You can have a Goal like Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Selling Etc.

Fire Email: You have a list of Emails, Marketing Goals. Then now, the last step is to blast an email. , Email Blast means sending emails to Bulk with the help of an email service provider.

Before the mail blast, try to know when and at what time your industry customers are active on the phone.

Measure Result: It is also very important to know the result after completing all the steps of email marketing. A numerical method should be adopted to measure the success of email marketing.

A comparative study should be done between the Goal you have created and the result obtained to know to what extent your marketing plan was successful.

You can understand marketing results very easily based on the points written below –

  1. Open Rate: Open rate means how many of the emails sent in the mail successfully reached the Inbox. You can understand this on the basis of%.
  2. Click Rate: How many% of the sent mails checked your mail.
  3. Bounce Rate: How many mails in mails sent did not reach the customer’s Inbox. The lower the bounce rate, the better your marketing results.
  4. Unsubscribe Rate: This will let you know whether the person to whom you have sent the email wants to stay in your touch or not. If the customer does not want to be in your touch, he will unsubscribe from your mail list.

Conclusion –

“Every method of marketing can be beneficial for your business, but if marketed with a good plan. You must have seen many companies marketing away from their industry,

Nowadays, many such unique and successful methods have been created, which are difficult to think about. , any rules do not restrict marketing; its success and failure depend on your creativity.”- Devesh Tiwari.

I hope you have received the necessary information about email marketing through this article, comment for your questions or suggestions in any way.