Increased use of social media has given the opportunity to add a new term in marketing, which is called Influencer marketing. This marketing is very effective and able to give very quick results.

In the last 5 years, about 50% of large Indian companies have adopted influencer marketing. This graph will continue to grow in the coming time.

If you are also a businessman or are thinking of doing a business, then you also need to know about influencer marketing. Today you will know that –

  1. What is Influencer marketing?
  2. Who are Influencers?
  3. What is the importance of Influencer marketing?
  4. How do Influencer marketing?
  5. How to find a good influencer?
  6. What is Influencer marketing?
    Increasing Internet usage and social media have changed a lot of people’s lives. Today people are very much influenced by social media, today almost 70% of humans are connected with social media.

What is Influencer marketing?

Cities or villages are full of social media users everywhere. Social media is being used both in good and bad ways.

Social media has brought many stars and many people to the ground overnight.

Social media has found a lot of new career options for many. There are many people on social media who have millions of followers,

Which people follow. They are persuaded by companies to promote their brand/product, and give them money in return,

Since millions of people follow these people, companies very easily reach their brand to millions of people. This is called influencer marketing, read the example given below –

Examples – Suppose a company becomes a fitness product. Now there is a lot of ways for those products to reach people, of which influencer marketing is also a way.

The company will find a social media user whose fan following is due to fitness. The company will contact that user and deal with him to share his product on his social media and will give money in return.

Who are Influencer?

If we compare the Influencer to the celebrity at the present time, it is probably not wrong. There are some Influencers whose fan following on cycle media is more than any celebrity.

We are the influencers among you who, due to their talent, make millions of people their fans. A good blogger can also be called a good influencer.

There is a Hindi proverb – “Whoever has the public, the world hears it.” These things are not wrong at all. If you have a fan base today, you are a celebrity.

What is the importance of Influencer Marketing?

It is very important to mentally connect with the customer in the selling process. As long as you are not able to convince the customer about the company and the product, then your company can do the product.

Companies spend a lot of time and money to create a good image of their product in the customer’s mind. Still, it is not necessary that they get positive results.

But in today’s time, when companies do the work of image-making with influencers, there is a lot of chance to get good results in a short time.

Your clients are mentally connected to influencers and follow them as well. So it is easy to reach and sell to customers through influencer marketing.

How do Influencer marketing?

Like every marketing technician, the first step in Influencer marketing is research. Initially, according to your industry, you choose Influencers.

Choose a good platform:
Example – If you are a company of clothes, then choose the fashion model. At the same time, you also have to keep in mind on which platform your industry will do well.

The clothing industry mostly targets YouTube or Instagram influencers. Instagram is a new generation of social media, so it is the best and best platform for influencer marketing of clothes.

Set budget:
After choosing the platform, you should research how much money influencers charge on that platform. If there is so much money in your budget that you can deal with a big celebrity then it is a very good thing,

Otherwise, start work with small influencers. Keep in mind that the image with which you are dealing is correct for your product.

According to a report, influencers with 1000 followers charge $ 10 – $ 25 a post on any social media.

Set up the campaign:
Now, this is your last step, how you have to bring the product to the public. This step is very important, no matter how good you find influencers, if your post, the script is not good, then you will not get any special benefit.

How to find a good Influencer?

Without a doubt you can say that Influencer marketing is an amazing way to gain brand awareness, lead generation, drive traffic and customer.

But the biggest challenge of this marketing is how to find a good Influencer? At the same time, creating good scripts is also a challenge. You will find many ways to find influencers and websites on the Internet.

One should not make a part of the project just by looking at the followers, you must ask for the report of any project done by any influencer before making it part of your project.

In the last 5 years, influencer marketing has touched new heights, but what can be changed in the era of this technology can not be said,

So you should be ready for every change and take full advantage of every opportunity. We will keep bringing you new information about marketing and business,

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know in the comment box.