It is not easy to define marketing in some ways because marketing is as deep as the sea, yet today we will understand in some lines what marketing is?

If we look at marketing from a social point of view, Marketing is such a technique that works to reach any product or service to eliminate any problem of society.

In other words, the art of reaching a product or service to the world’s people is called marketing. Surprising to know some people, marketing does not mean selling. Selling is just a part of marketing.

Yes, you can say that marketing aims to sell. Marketing mainly consists of four things- Awareness, Attraction, Satisfaction, and selling goods or services.

Every human being is a marketer because every person is sold in life; you are also a marketer when you go to interview for a job, you wear nice clothes, do you get ready, why?

Because you will prove yourself the best there or sell yourself, you try to prove yourself the best for that company so that you get selected for that job.

This is to say that every human being in his life is inadvertently marketing. Those who make this their life are called professional professors.

There are some rules and methods of doing good marketing by adopting which your product or service can easily reach your customer. Let us tell you about the 4P’s of marketing.

4P’s [4P’s of marketing] –

4P is the core part of marketing, with the help of which most companies succeed in bringing their products and services to the people. Let’s understand the meaning of these 4p – Product, Price, Place, Promotion.


Product is the life of any company because if the product is good and people like it, it becomes very easy to sell you.

It would be best to keep the following things in mind when making a product – Quality, Feature, Design, Style, Label, Packing, Warranty, Service.

We should choose the product keeping in mind the needs of our customers. At the same time, we should also try to keep our product good from them keeping in mind the products of our competing companies.


Price greatly affects the sale of any product or service; try to ensure that your product/service is the best and the price is better than others.

If you are a new company, then you should try to keep the price below the price. In the following ways, the price can be better presented to the customer – pricing strategy, discount, credit items, handling charge, payment period, allowances. ,


There is a market for any product or service; you cannot sell any product everywhere. According to your product/service, you should try to find your customer only then your marketing will give good results.

For example, if your product is combed and you try to sell it to a bald, then perhaps your time will be wasted.

To find the right market for your product, pay attention to the following points -locations, coverage, channels, inventory.


There are many ways of promotion, according to your product or service and keeping your target market in mind; it is better to promote,

Example: If your company is digital or an e-commerce company, you need to do digital promotion because your customer is also digital.

Types of marketing

There are many types of marketing, which marketing technique to use and where it depends on your business nature.

For example, if your company offers the product directly to the customer, you have to adopt the B2C marketing technique.

There are many ways of B2C marketing. Below are some popular methods that you can use according to your business.

Nowadays, marketers are adopting unique marketing techniques.

You don’t need to become successful only by adopting the famous marketing technic; sometimes, even a unique technician can put a splash in the business.

Example of unique marketing technic – An e-commerce company that sells fresh vegetables sent a gift filled with vegetables to the home of its target customer on the occasion of its launch; along with every gift, there was also a pamphlet from the company.

In which it was written about the company, the company’s aim of the company behind doing this was to create a good image of its company.

This method of that company proved to be quite right. People started placing orders.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways of marketing –

  • Attack marketing
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Multi-level marketing (network marketing)
  • Social marketing

Difference between sales and marketing

Sales are part of marketing, and marketing is a process that aims to get sales; when a new product/service is launched in the market, the biggest task is to deliver the product/service well to the people.

There is a need to create an image for that product of the mind of the people. Until a good image is created for that product, people do not trust and do not buy the product.

To win the people’s trust, most of the big companies have a marketing team who work to make the company’s product/service accessible to the people; in the people’s eyes, they create a good image of the company.

A small company resorts to a marketing agency or a personal marketer or freelancer to carry out marketing. The success and failure of the sale of any company’s product or service depend on the marketing team.

No matter how cheap and good your product is, if it is not presented properly in front of the people, it cannot be your sales.

In today’s digital era, people like to shop and take service while sitting at home. In such a situation, people whose advertisements and reviews are good people like to join the same company.

Winning people’s trust is good marketing, and its result is in the form of good sales.

Hopefully, it would be best if you had learned something about marketing. Comment to ask your opinion and questions.