Can you imagine a virtual world where you can do everything you are doing in real life?

You can travel the world sitting at home; you can virtually get married; even you can effectively run your business.

That is, you can do everything in that digital world that you do in real life.

 Whether you can imagine it or not, you will soon get a chance to get acquainted with such a digital world.

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In this article, we will talk about Metaverse. This concept is becoming quite popular nowadays. Does everyone want to know what this Metaverse is, after all?

And what effect will this have on our lives? So let’s start in our sweet & simple style and know the whole truth of the Metaverse.

What is MetaVerse?

If I asked you, ‘Where do you live?’ you would say on Earth. This Earth is a world of us humans, where we humans are born, grow up and die.

There is a metaverse just like Earth where we will be human beings but digital.

This thing may not have happened to you till now; it doesn’t matter, read the whole article well, everything will be covered.

Metaverse will be a digital world for humans; where we will be able to do everything that we do on Earth.

Like taking property, doing a job, getting married, traveling, playing, even stealing, all this will be digital.

If you marry in the Metaverse, your real wife will not be bothered by that.

But by matching in that world, you will meet your other life in this world, that is, in your real world, then your wife will have problems. (by the way, I am joking) 

You understand that now you will get a chance to live in two worlds.

One Earth on which you live now and the other Metaverse, which will be a digital world like the same real world.

Overall we can say that this is a next-generation advanced technology, or it is also said that it is one step above the Internet.

In the future, any companies that work in the Metaverse will have a very high chance of growing.

Facebook has been thoroughly involved in this and has started building the Metaverse with a whole proof plan and long-term vision.

Here, I am sharing an official Video of the Metaverse presentation only for you. After watching this, you will have a good understanding of Metaverse.

Official presentation of Meta on Metaverse

Apart from Facebook, other technology companies are making their digital world, i.e., Metaverse.

Now that this is a new concept, the company that will give a better user experience will start joining the same Metaverse.

So this was the true meaning of Metaverse. Hopefully, you must have understood what Metaverse is.

Now let’s go on its history and know when this virtual world started and why? If you have any confusion, then you can watch this official video on Facebook –

Metaverse was first mentioned in the fiction novel “Snow Crash” in 1992. The Metaverse begins with video gaming.

If you have ever played a high graphic video game like GTA 5, PUBG, Free Fire, then you must have felt one thing that when you play the game,

you get so much engrossed in that game that at that time you think that the same Your world is there, and all that is happening in real.

The better the game’s graphics, the more real feeling you will get in that game.

Today companies are trying to give you the best gaming experience.

In 2003, a video game called Second Life came out, and this game strengthened the concept of Metaverse.

In this game, you have to choose a character; you have to complete the task through that character.

When you play such video games, you get lost in that world for some time.

With time, technology improved, and multiplayer games came into the market to make friends, make enemies, even play tournaments with your competitors.

Here you can do everything that you do in real life. Now the question comes that when you are living correctly in life,

you can do everything that t you are doing here, then why are companies spending millions and millions of dollars in creating this new digital world?

After all, why are companies spending millions of dollars on the Metaverse?

You can call the Metaverse an updated version of the Internet.

The way your mobile phone was earlier 2G, then updated to 3G, then 4G, and now 5G, in the same way, you can understand the Metaverse.

By the way, the Metaverse is not necessary; even if it is not made, you will not suffer any harm.

your life will continue to run smoothly as it is. Think of it as a fantasy. If you want to live a double life, you can enjoy a double life by joining Metaverse.

Today, everyone is excited about Metaverse.

Ever since Facebook changed its name to Meta and Facebook’s founder Mr. Zuckerberg, spoke openly about it, many technology companies have been working on the Metaverse.

Facebook is not the first company working on building a digital world. Many worlds have been settled before this, such as Active Worlds, The Palace, Decentraland, Fortnite, and MUD.

All these have already made a digital world, but their world still lacks real feelings, and that is why not many people know about their digital world.

But now, since Facebook has entered, it is believed that the real digital world will be made because Facebook has joined hands with many technology companies to make this a reality and is spending millions of dollars.

Not only are companies developing Metaverse investing, but investors have also landed in Metaverse.

1. Nike has opened its digital store named ‘Nike Land’ in Metaverse called Roblox. Let’s have a look at Roblox-

Nike Land in the metaverse

2. The Metaverse Group (a Canadian virtual real estate company) purchased approximately 52 safe lands in Metverse for $3 million.

3. Similarly, Republic Realm, a virtual real estate company from the nose, has bought land in the sandbox for $4.3 million. Sandbox is also a metaverse.

Similarly, many other companies have already started investing in Metaverse.

The more investment companies do, the better the development of Matverse, and you will be able to do the same kind of work there.

What can you do in Metaverse right now? Let’s also know it –

What can we do in Metaverse?

You can do everything in Metaverse like Social connections, Entertainment, Gaming, Fitness, Education, Party.

Now the question comes that how will you enter that other world, i.e., Metaverse…

See, now the technique of entering Metaverse is straightforward – you create a login ID and login through your computer by going to the official website of that Metaverse.

You feel that digital world on your computer itself. But right now, you will not get a real-world feeling on these platforms.

If you get a natural feeling, Facebook is changing it completely.

That’s why Facebook is making advanced-level VR Boxes or glasses.

After wearing it, you will go entirely into your other world and will be able to take natural feeling.

Now the question comes that if Metverse becomes successful, how will it affect your life.

How Does This Concept Affect Human’s life?

If there is a good thing in the world, it has negative factors. Metaverse also has some positive aspects and some negative ones; let’s have a look at them-

Positive effects of the Metaverse:

  The best thing I like about Traverse is that whenever you are bored or stressed in real life,

you will enjoy your other world by going to MetavMetaversere things will be according to you.

You will be able to meet new people, play games and do everything that makes you happy. 

  • At the same time, if you are working from home, you will be able to have office-like feelings at home, you will be able to talk live with your co-workers. So there is a lot to do. So these were the positive factors. Now let’s also look at some negative points of the MetavMetaversee biggest problem here: people can get away from the real world and get used to that digital world, which can be mentally harmful to the people.
  • This can distract people from their real goals.
  • This will give the criminal a new way to communicate.
  • This is likely to cause people to lose track of time.
  • The most dangerous thing is that if a person gets addicted to it, he can forget his real life.

Many things can be bad too if the Metaverseuccessful then.

What should you do in the initial stage of the Metaverse?

The question comes to investing in Metaverse; the Metaverse concept is not fully organized right now,

but the way Facebook is working on the Metaverse will be fully contained in the coming few years.

Due to which Cryptos will get much support, and the fear of Crypto investors will end because whatever things you buy in Metaverse will buy them using Cryptocurrencies;

that is, you understand that indirectly you will invest in crypto.

Let us know this with a real example – there is a metaverse called Decentraland where you can buy things through Ethereum.

You need to have a crypto wallet, you will become the owner of whatever you buy, and when you find someone who pays you more coins for that, you can sell that thing.

If you want to know in detail how you will be able to buy, then tell me in the comment, I will separate the article on this.

Not just retail crypto investors, many crypto companies like CoinMarketcap are buying digital assets in the Binance metaverse, as I told you a while back.

In the coming time, when more people will join the Metaverse, things will start buying and selling in large quantities as NFT, the rate of the crypto that is being traded will increase.

In the initial stage, as an investor, you have to understand this new digital world well before investing a penny in Metaverse.

I think MetavMetaversehe coming 2 to 3 years will emerge as a very successful investment platform.

That’s why we have to understand its depth from now on so that we can make a multi-bagger investment.