Video marketing is one of the best digital marketing techniques that has been in operation for the last three years. As Internet users are increasing, the graph of this marketing is also increasing.

Nowadays, the complete marketing plan of some companies is based on video marketing.

What is video marketing?

One such way of digital marketing is “in which video is used to market the product/service,” which is called video marketing. Or we said that “marketing done through video is called video marketing.”

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Video marketing is not only beneficial in your brand awareness but also makes you a customer. The video content makes you a guide for your potential customer and turns them into your loyal customer.

According to research by Hubspot, most people like to watch videos to know about a product or service. Google also now shows video content first in its search results.

Note: This research is about three thousand people from European countries.

How to do video marketing?

There is no written rule to do this marketing, yet it should be our endeavor to touch the viewer’s EMOTION with the help of our videos.

A human can be your REGULAR customer only when you are emotionally connected with him. This marketing is very beneficial for creative people.

Whatever video you are shooting, the smaller it is, the more people will watch it. Try to keep the length of the video within 1 minute.

Watch a video given here, and this video is from a company making a mixer machine. After watching the video, this video will go home in your mind-

power of video marketing

Some of the platforms for doing this marketing.

There are some special platforms for doing videos and marketing in every country, but there are some platforms, which are very common and are used almost in the country.

Let me tell you that YouTube is the largest video marketing platform in the world. Below are some video platform names that you can use for your marketing.